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Chef Patrick Wilson – New Cuan Law Chef!

We are delighted to welcome aboard our new chef! Get to know a little bit more about Chef Patrick Wilson.

Welcome to Cuan Law! Can you tell us a little about yourself and what brought you to be our new chef?
Well, I went to culinary school in Chicago in 2003. Back then I very distinctly remember setting a goal that some day I was to be the chef on a large ship in the Caribbean. I’ve spent the last 15 years of my professional career working toward that goal. I have traveled all over and have eaten at some of the best restaurants on the planet. I’ve been fortunate enough to work at some very reputable fine dining establishments and collected knowledge from many well known and respected chefs. I am extremely excited to bring this knowledge to the guests of Cuan Law and look forward to providing a level of cuisine only found on the highest end of live aboard charters.

What is your favorite thing so far about working on a boat?
I love the water! I want to be on the water. I want to be in the water. Food and water are the essentials of life. I have a profound respect for both. SCUBA is my favorite water activity. I love that I am able to enjoy doing this with the guests a few times a week!

If you had to choose a song that mirrors your cooking style what would it be?
Love & Happiness by Al Green

When you love the food that you create and love what you do, I believe the food tastes better. Happiness is most important. If you aren’t happy, find the thing that makes you happy. Life is too short to not have love & happiness. I feel fortunate to have both.

Tell us some of your favorite ingredients and how you can use those on charter?
Chili peppers! With a passion! Specifically the West Indian habanero pepper. I fully understand that not everybody is crazy about spicy food. I myself love it, but when it comes to cooking for the general public I have a way of incorporating such a small amount of heat that it’s almost completely undetectable. I dislike flat food. Food, like wine should have layers. When I taste the food that I make I look for at least three to four layers of flavor. They are to be balanced in a way where not one is overpowering, but rather can be tasted and enjoyed individually.

Other favorite ingredients that add complexity to the food I create include but are not limited too:
Fish sauce, Gochujang paste, Garlic, Ginger, all curries and Bacon – because – BACON!

We have seen you scuba diving between meals, which dive is your favorite so far?
Wow. That’s a tough one. There are so many great dives in the BVI. I would say the dive I like the most is the one I haven’t done yet. Ha, but for real, The Rhone is really cool!

If you had just one cocktail to share with a guest which would it be?
I’m going to be boring with this one. I love a vodka soda with two limes. It’s clean, it’s refreshing and it’s water! Also I don’t share my cocktails, it’s MY cocktail! I’d be happy to make a painkiller for a guest though. They are the perfect island cocktail, but too much sugar for me.

Recent review from TripAdvisor! “A huge shout out to Chef Patrick who provided the most amazing meals everyday – better than any five star restaurants I’ve been to!” Read full review here.

Check out some photos of Chef Patrick’s food from charter!

August 2018 Charter Recap

Another fun week on Cuan Law exploring the British Virgin Islands. We had some really nice weather with winds around 20 knots most of the week. The visibility underwater was pretty good as well especially when diving the RMS Rhone at Salt Island. Guests spotted several nurse sharks, eels and turtles during the dive.

Our island excursion began with a hike on Salt Island to explore the salt ponds and views. The hike takes about 30 minutes and provides sweeping views of the bay below. We anchor nearby and this bay provides a calm setting for the evening dinner.

The following day we setup for diving on the north side of Tortola with a stop at Brewers Bay. Guests enjoyed water skiing, hobie cat sailing and kayaking between dives with a mexican inspired lunch and salmon dinner.

The fun continued over at Guana Island the next day with a dive at Alice in Wonderland and Angelfish Reef. During our lunch our more adventurous guests decided to go for the cliff jumping on a nearby rock. Exploring the bay with the kayaks a few guests spotted some green sea turtles.

Our most popular day is always Virgin Gorda because guests hike the baths and enjoy a beach side BBQ in Spring Bay. Our new crew member Kelly, lead the group thru the Baths National Park hike and down to Devils Bay. Guests enjoy snorkeling and swimming the calm waters and white sand beaches. After the hike we head over to Spring Bay for the beach BBQ where Chef Kellie and crew had a delicious spread of burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, fresh fruit and cookies.

We ended the charter with a surprise as one of our guests was celebrating a birthday. Chef Kellie hand made the cake complete with edible coral and reef fish!

Why is Cuan Law named Cuan Law?

Cuan Law is the third in the fleet of trimarans designed and built by the owners, Duncan and Annie Muirhead. Duncan is of Scottish heritage and his family home overlooks the Misty Law mountain range there. Law is Gaelic for mountain. Their first vessel which was more of a collaboration than an original Duncan design was named the Misty Law in memory of these mountains as Annie and Duncan took off for their sailing adventure in the 1970’s.

They spent many seasons working charters in the Mediterranean in the summer months then sailing across the Atlantic to work the newly imagined Caribbean charters in the winter months. One of those early guests, a Canadian businessman Hal McCarney became a great friend and collaborator and in the 1980’s they planned, designed and and built the next vessel together with him, a luxury live-aboard dive vessel. This one, the Lammer Law, was named after the largest mountain in the Misty Law range.

Duncan and Hal could not stop at two, so the third one came along and they started construction in June 1987, but although they wanted to stick with the “Law” tradition, they had run out of names. They decided to ask former guests to come up with ideas and following in the Gaelic tradition, Cuan Law was submitted. At the time they all understood Cuan to mean Ocean, hence Cuan Law = Ocean Mountain, quite apt for the largest sailing trimaran in the world. It was discovered a while later that another dialect of Gaelic translates Cuan to mean peaceful, which is also lovely, so Cuan Law = Ocean Mountain, or Peaceful Mountain! 🙂

Cooper Island Rum Bar

This is a great stop while we dive Wreck Alley. Guests can spend time ashore and also try their hand sailing our Hobie Cats. They are open everyday from 2-11pm serving over 190 of the world’s best rum. Also worth checking out the solar powered beer distillery on property offering six unique flavors but recommend the Amber Ale. 4-6pm happy hour 1/2 prince on all beers. This is a popular stop on our weekly sail thru the British Virgin Islands.