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If you are interested in a BVI sailing vacation then give Cuan Law a try! Here is one of our latest reviews from Trip Advisor.

“I booked this trip with a friend at our local dive shop (shout out to Central Coast Dive Center). As this was my first live-aboard experience and really my first dive trip, I couldn’t have asked for more! The crew were just fantastic! A big thank you to Scott, Kellie (DUDE, THE FOOD!!!), Chris, Alayna, Simeon, Rèka and Ariel. They were welcoming, willing to teach us if we wanted to learn how things worked, helped me improve my dive skills and they were all really just a great hang!! I would highly recommend this trip, even if you don’t dive, because they have so many other activities available. I’m hoping to sail with them again in the future!”


I went as a single female diver on the Cuan Law Live-aboard in April and met a great group of divers from Canada.

The boat is very beautiful inside with a comfy salon and little bar area. The deck is very spacious for hanging out and diving. We also ate all our meals under the canopy on the deck, which was nice and breezy. The boat is super clean an tidy. There are 10 cabins, to accommodate 20 people. The rooms are cute, functional and have several port holes which open for ventilation. There is also AC, although not super cold, was good enough for me. There was plenty of storage space.

The crew is amazing, always there to accommodate your every request. Thank you to Simeon, Captain Scott, Chris, Ariel, Alayna, Reka and the best chef ever, Kelly. They were so friendly and helpful. Their team is extremely well organized. They really work their butts off to insure that you have the best trip possible!

Breakfast and lunch were served buffet style with the most amazing, fresh dishes with many choices. Kelly uses organic vegetables and herbs to prepare creative menus. You can tell she is very proud of her work and everything is spectacularly presented. Dinner is served, rather than buffet style. Three nights we had yummy fish dishes and homemade desserts, such as cheesecake and Key Lime pie. If you don’t like certain foods they will make you something special. The barbecue on the beach was also fantastic and included hamburgers, hotdogs, fresh fruit, corn on the cob, pasta salad and lots of cold beers. LOVED IT! Such hard work for the crew and Kelly!

The bar has a great selection of alcohol and the drinks are not only free but plentiful. The crew often with whips up special concoctions, such as “painkillers”.

The diving was nice, typical of the Caribbean. My favorite was the wreck of the Rhone. The crew handles all diving aspects in a very organized and safe manner. You either do a giant stride or in some cases, take the zodiacs. They always tried to get us to the absolute best dive sites, which included a number of wrecks. A special thanks goes Simeon, for being my “dive buddy” most of the time.

It was nice to have three excursions, one to the famous “Baths” on Virgin Gorda , a walk on Salt Cay, and a trip to Cooper island (I think).

Overall, this was a wonderful trip and I really appreciate the service from the team of the Cuan Law. Thank you very much for a memorable vacation!

You watched with awe the devastation across the Caribbean, caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. A story that gripped the world.

Though there has been much physical damage, the British Virgin Islands are not devastated. In less than 8 weeks these resilient people have shown their determination in pulling off one of the greatest recoveries in documented history, but they still need your help.

The BEST way to help long term, is to come to BVI and have a great time. Every dollar you spend is helping to reignite the economy and provide jobs for those who have lost so much. For more information about visiting the BVI go to

This is only the beginning for the recovery for BVI. Stay tuned to watch never before seen footage of the initial stages of relief, the genesis of a plan for the future and how to get involved in making this nation stronger, smarter, greener and even better than before.

To see the next episode of the BVI Strong Series, tune into the Aerial Produced YouTube channel January 18th.

For more about the film and the filmmakers behind Aerial Produced visit

New Look at the Baths in Virgin Gorda

If you have ever been on a Cuan Law charter you know Friday is the beach BBQ in Spring Bay. Our chefs prepare a beach side barbecue complete with grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, mahi and shrimp with all the sides. Our guided hike thru the Baths along the water edge is a guest favorite. Cold beers, painkillers and rum punch are on the ready when guests arrive to the bbq.

Here are some photos from our most recent visit to Spring Bay, Virgin Gorda. The green is coming back and the palm trees are filling up again. We hope to see you back soon!