Invest in your company by investing in your employees' well-being

According to the Journal of Applied Behavioural Research, workplace burnout is characterized by emotional exhaustion, cynicism, ineffectiveness in the workplace and chronic negative responses to stressful workplace conditions.  It is having a growing impact on workplaces due to affecting the health and performance of employees at all levels of an organization and is best addressed through preventative strategies.
Burnout is not always easy to identify in an employee, as it can manifest itself as: headaches, irritability, increased frustration, suspicion, self medication and self-doubt. While it's true that employees experiencing burn out often have lowered levels of motivation and reduced efficiency/accuracy, they also go through a stage of denial, often tell themselves and others around them statements such as: "I am fine", "I'd be happy to take on more", "I will be fine once this is done", "People are depending on me", and "I am just tired".  Thereby continuing the cycle of burnout under the assumption that 'things will get better'.  Those who are overachievers and top-performers are at an even greater risk of burnout!
Wellness Week - Burn OutUnfortunately, if left unaddressed, burnout may result in a number of outcomes, including:
  • Poor physical health
  • Clinical depression
  • Reduced job satisfaction
  • Decreased productivity
  • Increased absenteeism
  • Increased risk of accidents
  • Poor workplace morale
  • Communication breakdown
  • Increased employee turnover
The emphasis on good mental health is becoming heavier every year as more and more studies show the damaging effects of poor mental health on a population as a whole.  The positive spin on all of this is that these studies not only show what's causing poor mental health but also suggest many solutions to encourage better mental health.  Those solutions carry forward well into daily life, personal and professional environments.  Research is showing that mental health is no longer 'all in someone's head' or a segregated topic.  It is as real as a broken bone and encompasses our lives and health in a holistic way.
This is why it's so important that as a company and employer, your workplace environment is as supportive and productive as possible!  Put in place preventative measures in the workplace, but also provide your employees with skill training workshops and the tools necessary to implement the skills.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), productivity losses related to personal and family health problems cost U.S. employers $1,685 per employee per year, or $225.8 billion annually.
Evidence also indicates that instituting workplace health programs can reduce the average sick leave, health plan, and workers’ compensation and disability insurance costs by approximately 25 percent. Not to mention that participating in wellness programs will inspire important behaviour changes.

Be the employer whose company thrives because they have healthy and happy long-term employees!

RE-Ignite Your Team!

Come aboard Cuan Law for a corporate wellness week that offers all the useful tools to invigorate, uplift and re-energize your employees and teams.  Wellness Week is 6 nights, 7 days under the Caribbean sun, with structured workshops encompassing a nutrition, stress management, physical movement, mindset and self-care set of skills that can be applied in the workplace, at home, in the office or on the go!  Oh, did we mention that Wellness Week also includes a perfectly-balanced all inclusive experience of dining, scuba diving, swimming, sailing, island exploration, and more!
Cuan Law is the largest sailing trimaran in the world, housing a full crew and accommodating up to 20 guests aboard! All 10 staterooms have their own private washrooms, individual air conditioning and can be configured with two single beds or one queen! Cuan Law begins its weekly voyage from Tortola Island in the beautiful British Virgin Islands and cruises daily between the islands of the BVI, offering new unique views, experiences and dive opportunities everyday!
This program has been designed by two leading holistic wellness coaches with years of education, practice and experience in addressing personal and workplace challenges! They believe in a holistic approach to health and incorporate a variety of physical, emotional and social skills into their workshops! Workshops include a variety of lectures and practical exercises along with follow up sessions that reinforce new techniques, habits, skills and allows for a time of reflection.
Anthony is a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (or CRPO). He grew up in Northern Ontario, and completed his undergraduate studies and Master's program at the University of Ottawa. Anthony has been providing mental health services for the last 7 years to his home town of North Bay and area; first as an intern, then as a private practice and EAP provider.
As a counselor, Anthony believes in working collaboratively with clients to help them assess their goals,create a plan to meet those goals, and then supporting them as they put that plan into action. While Anthony works with a broad range of clients, issues, and approaches, he tends to focus towards Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) talk therapies and specializes in relationships.
BriannaBrianna is certified in the Upward Dog Yoga Teacher Training and Personal Development course from Ottawa, Ontario and received her 200 hour Hatha Teacher Training Certificate in May of 2015. She has been practicing yoga for 9 years now and has been a Certified Hatha Instructor for 3 of them.
Yoga to Brianna means connection - connection to her body, her world, and her humanity. “Yoga allows me to search deep within myself and pause my world. My favorite part about teaching is knowing that I can meet my students where they are and help them develop their own personal practice in their own unique way - whether that be a good stretch, a pause in their day, or an energetic shift, I love that I can offer my knowledge and energy in ways that benefit others physically, mentally, and spiritually.”
Brianna’s classes are filled with stretch, strength, and a moments of reflection with intention. Brianna will be teaching her knowledge of yoga to make space for release, relaxation and surrender, while focusing on alignment and techniques that contribute to physical and emotional well-being.
Brianna is also a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, registered with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. She will be using her knowledge and expertise to conduct a nutritional workshop discussing the 'Art of Meal Prep for Busy Schedules'. This will include a take-away cookbook with recipes in line with the theme of meal prepping and being able to do a group hands-on session of putting together one of the snacks from the cookbook!
Come full circle in holistic health with the included aromatherapy workshop specializing in learning how oils can support well-being and include a hands-on session creating personalized roller bottles that help in grounding emotions, uplifting energy, fighting inflammation or aiding sleep! Take home a book in which to guide you incorporating oils into daily life.
Anthony and Brianna's expertise in the health and wellness field makes them the perfect candidates to structure this program to help combat stress, support self care - both physically and mentally, improve conflict management, enhance communication, build confidence and overcome fears!
Please note that we require a minimum of 10 people to host this event. Send as many as 18 of your employees, team members, representatives, managers or directors for a week of learning, health and development!

All this for ONLY $3800 USD per person for the entire week!

Corporate Wellness Week in British Virgin Islands
Included! Daily Personal & Professional Development
Included! Hands-on Workshops about stress, conflict management
Included! Team Building Activities for Communication & Confidence
Included! Communication Exercises
Included! Practical Skills
Included! Follow-Up Sessions for Reinforcement
Included! Daily Yoga & Meditation Classes for Optimal Health & Well-Being
Included! A Hands-on Nutrition Workshop for a busy life
Included! All-inclusive* Cruise Experience
Included! 6 nights, 7 days accommodation in two person cabins* w/ private bathrooms
Included! All meals, snacks and drinks, made and served fresh on-board
Included! Sailing and Diving in the British Virgin Islands
Included! Use of all sporting equipment and scuba tanks, air, weights and snorkeling gear except as detailed below.
Included! Instruction in water sports except as detailed below.
Included! Island Exploration, Swimming, Snorkeling, Hiking & Water Sports
Included! Relaxation & Socialization on the white sandy beaches, crystal blue water with salty Caribbean breezes
* Rates are based on double occupancy of the rooms, to a maximum of 18 guests per week, and are subject to the below exclusions*
* Not valid with any other offers.
* Flight arrangements and rates are not included in this package.
* You book your travel - we’ll arrange the rest! There are limited dates available for this incredible and inspiring opportunity happening in 2020!

Book NOW to reserve your company's exclusive week aboard Cuan Law and start a journey into health, wellness, productivity and inspiration with your team!

Dates available:

  • August 9-15, 2020
  • October 25-31, 2020
  • January 17-23, 2021


  • Diving equipment except as detailed above.
  • Nitrox
  • Diving instruction
  • Willy T/Sharkplaneo Sticker: $5.00 Kid’s swim program donation
  • For details regarding instruction and gear rentals see:
  • All expenses before and after stay on vessel.
  • Transfer from airport, ferry or hotel to and from Cuan Law.
  • Travel insurance - highly recommended
  • Gratuities to crew. (suggest 15%)