Sharing Saturdays: Thank You

Sharing Saturdays: Thank You

Often times, as our guests are disembarking at the end of their charter, we are bombarded with the thank you's - the appreciation of the experience received while onboard Cuan Law and for the memories made.  But really, one of the most important thank you's actually does not go to us, but to YOU instead.  It goes to YOU for choosing Cuan Law! It goes to YOU for trusting us to provide you with a great experience! It goes to YOU for respecting the guidelines that promote a healthy, safe and fun environment! And lastly, it goes to YOU for giving US another great experience, the opportunity to make new friends and learn and grow!

So from our Cuan Law family to Yours! Thank you so much!

Terrific Crew Thursdays: Meet Sam!

Sam has been a diving instructor since 2013. He has worked in Jamaica, Mexico, Thailand, Australia, Solomon Islands, Malaysia, and Fiji. He has traveled 45 countries so far in his lifetime! Sam has some incredible stories about the countries he traveled to and we invite you to ask him about them!

He is now in the BVI with us on Cuan Law and is an essential member of our dive team! Guiding you on day and night dives to show you all that the underwater world of the British Virgin Islands has to offer!

Wellness Wednesdays: 5 Benefits of Sailing That You Didn't Know About

Are you a sailor? If not, you may want to try giving it a go!  Sailing has been shown to be full of health-promoting benefits for the 'everyday person'!  Sure, sailing can be a great workout for our muscles, heart, and lungs when we're lifting sails, cranking grinders, heaving ropes, and even just balancing ourselves when under sail. But did you know about these five other surprising positive influences that sailing has on us?


Sailing decreases anxiety & stress!

It's a well-known fact that open-water, beautiful sunshine, and salty air are great for our health, but these combinations are not just good for our physical health, but they're also essential to our mental state.  The negatively charged ion air particles, the blue ocean colours and the ebb-and-flow of the waves help to rewire our brain! The colour of the ocean has been associated with mood relaxation as well as creativity, while the salty air and ocean movements actually de-stimulate our brains! And let's be honest, in today's busy, instant and over-stimulated world, we could all use some de-stimulation!


Sailing improves communication skills!

Sailing is a team sport. It's tough to sail alone and in some cases (depending on the size of your boat), it's near impossible! In order to effectively sail a sailboat, you need to be able to listen, understand, and efficiently execute any directions given to you.  The continual practise of these skills begins to develop your ability to communicate effectively. There's no room for a lengthy story or misunderstanding, so you learn quickly how to ask for help, how to provide clear and concise directions, and how to communicate a potential hazard or problem.


Sailing improves your concentration!

In our busy world of being 'on' and multi-tasking all the time, our ability to concentrate and effectively/efficiently complete a task is compromised. At any given time, while sailing, there are a handful of things of which to be mindful. You need to worry about the wind direction, wind speed, ocean movements, weather patterns, sailing charts, your boat, hazards in the water, your crew and anyone you have on board, the sails, and your gauges.  It's a lot to focus on, but for the safety of everyone, you learn to pinpoint your concentration on what's important and allow the rest to take a backseat.  You learn that there will be time later to give attention to the distractions that won't serve your current purpose and instead allow your tasks at hand the appropriate attention they require!


Sailing encourages a better understanding of your spatial senses!

Sailing can require you to be a bit of a mathematician, engineer, and scientist all at once.  In doing so, you must know the length and physical size of your boat, how to maneuver your boat and the space required to do so.  This requires you to envision your boat and surroundings from a bird's eye view all while maintaining steady feet inside your boat!


Sailing improves your organizational skills!

Space is a luxury when dealing with a boat.  It's limited and often tightly cramped with necessities (a.k.a. items needed for survival and practical use of the boat).  Necessities do not include all of the 'home comforts' that we're so used to.  So in order to have a homey feeling on board, a sailor's use of space is extremely important!  They must think about how that space will be used, what will be kept in that space and how those items get used (including frequency of use).  For example, in the engine room, you wouldn't keep a kayak paddle.  It serves no purpose in there and is not convenient for when it's needed.  But, you would consider keeping your tools, a first aid kit, and a life jacket in these spaces.  Having to think creatively about the space available to you can significantly improve your ability to organize.  As you begin to identify necessities, it becomes easier to apply these skills in all aspects of your life and you'll find yourself being able to sustain a more 'minimal' lifestyle of function and practicality! 


Monday News: World Sleep Day!

Monday News: World Sleep Day!

Happy world sleep day! We all know the increasing benefits of a good night's sleep, but most of us still struggle to get it!  Why? Well most of us just have too much on our minds in the minutes before we go to bed. The National Sleep Foundation recommends these 3 tips to improve the quality of your sleep:

  1. Disconnect from your devices and focus on the present moment.
  2. Write out your thoughts before going to bed.
  3. Practice a relaxation technique (yoga, meditation, deep breathing, positive thoughts, muscle activation & deactivation).

Our recommendation? Join us and our specialized wellness practitioners for our Wellness Week from October 25th-31st, 2020 to learn practical and useful tips to improve your sleep, decrease your stress and take your life to another level! 

Fun on Fridays: Freaky Friday!




With its beautiful clear waters and stunning green islands rising majestically to the blue skies, the British Virgin Islands are best enjoyed from the sea. The magnificent Cuan Law provides the ultimate liveaboard experience in the BVI. The ambiance is both fun and relaxed, with a wide range of activities to suit everyone, as well as ample opportunity for quiet relaxation!

Beach Barbecue

Every week we include a beach barbecue at "The Crawl" - a fabulous rock enclosed beach and pool. It is the highlight of the last afternoon of the trip.

On a picturesque beach, among the huge boulders and shady palm trees, we set up a delicious barbecue featuring delicious meats, fish and colorful salads with, of course, well stocked coolers of wine beer and sodas.
Tables and benches allow for a comfortable meal for all in the shade of the palm trees.

“There is no better place for a beach barbecue than the British Virgin Islands, and no better crew than aboard Cuan Law.
Thanks for a most incredible time!”
Cliff Jumping

For those into extreme sports, Lee Bay at Great Camanoe has a thrilling rock climb and jumping spot.

“I'll admit, it took a few minutes to make the jump. WOW! Once we'd done that first leap we couldn't get enough!”

We try to fit in at least one hike as well as a tour of the amazing rock formation at The Baths on Virgin Gorda. This gives you a unique perspective of our lovely BVI.

“Hiking on some of the islands was really fun. We got to explore ruins of buildings that have been here since the pirates were here.”
Hobie Cat Sailing

Of course you’re welcome to help our crew with sailing the Cuan Law, but if you enjoy getting a bit closer to the water we also have two Hobie cats on board for you to use. Sail off with a friend for some alone time, or perhaps you can team up with some buddies and go head to head on some races!

“To be able to scuba dive, Kayak, learn to use a Hobie Cat and many more activities all while cruising the waters of the BVI is tremendous. It was a very fun trip.”
Melwer - April 2018
Island Excursions

With so many quiet bays, picturesque anchorages and spectacular diving and snorkeling sites, the BVI is one of the treasures of the Caribbean. Each island has its own unique charms, attractions and sites of interest.

“What makes a good trip enjoyable? Travelling with enthusiastic and engaging crew. My compliments to the crew for making our trip the best ever.”

Explore the beautiful waters of the BVI by kayak.
We have two single person, and two double person kayaks.

"Kayaking is so easy to learn, and so calming. It's like flying slowly over the water. And the things you see in the water... wow!"

We can’t think of a better activity for the whole family than stand up paddle boarding. Everyone from your little kids to the grandparents will enjoy an afternoon on an iSUP. Unlike other popular water sports like surfing and wakeboarding, paddle boarding is easy to learn and doesn’t require high levels of athleticism.

“The bays where we anchored were always so calm and peaceful. Using the paddleboards was like walking on water. We had a pair of sea turtles come right up to look at us, it was so cool.”

The British Virgin Islands is one of the world's finest sailing destinations and Cuan Law was designed specifically for this area.
You can either sit back and enjoy Cuan Law's quiet power or lend a hand with one of the massive winches.
With a steady wind behind her she can cruise at speeds of up to 14 knots. The stability provided by her triple hull design defines the phrase "smooth sailing". Sit back on the sunny deck with a cold Piña Colada and you'll never want to go home!

"The water is fantastically clear and there is a tremendous amount of wildlife to be found. Several times we had pods of dolphins swimming near the bow of the boat while we were sailing.”
Scuba Diving

The BVI also boasts an incredible diversity of diving experiences, ranging from colorful coral reefs teeming with small fish to atmospheric wreck diving and thrilling open water sites where divers might spot leatherback turtles, sharks, rays and pelagic fish.

"We had a group of 20 divers on board for a week at the beginning of June. It was my 4th time on Cuan Law over a 16 year span. I have to say, it is better than ever. We have had some amazing experiences and memories and great trips but this was the best. "
Andy Gibb - June 2018

Just jump in and go for a swim or snorkel. The water is always warm with winter temperatures of 26° C (79° F) and reaching a peak of 29° (84° F) in the late summer.

“I'm not a diver, but the snorkeling was nothing short of amazing. I would do this trip again in a heartbeat.”
Phyllis Cianfrani Kiziah
Spa Services

This picturesque retreat has spectacular treatment rooms offering breathtaking views unlike any other and the highly-trained therapists deliver masterful experiences enticing the senses while rejuvenating the mind and refreshing the body.

With a treatment menu highlighting Ayurvedic Wellness Treatments, Ixora Spa is a requisite for sailing enthusiasts seeking a true experience that embraces its cliff-side sense of place. Ixora Spa skillfully blends the healing powers of Ayurveda in a variety of wellness treatments that will leave your mind peaceful, muscles relaxed and skin beautiful.
The Baths

The Baths is an exquisite natural feature that includes several exotic pools and other jaw-dropping sights that have been formed by enormous boulders that lie on the sandy beaches. The other sights include the likes of several hidden compartments whose only sources of light are small to medium-sized openings and other marvels.

“The Baths on Virgin Gorda should be considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World (and the Cuan Law should be the 8th)!”

Feel the thrill of being pulled by one of our two tenders powered by 150 horsepower outboards!
Zero to sixty in nothing flat!

“I've wakeboarded with other charter boats... they have 50 or 60hp engines. That just doesn't do it. Having a 150hp pull you is incredible!”

Feel the thrill as you are pulled by one of our two 150 horsepower tenders.

“I didn't think I'd be able to water-ski. But after some personal lessons, I was up and flying in no time. It was exhilarating!”
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Wellness Wednesday: Happy National Napping Day!

Wellness Wednesday: Happy National Napping Day!

Today is "National Napping Day"!  Did you know that napping during the day has been shown to improve restorative sleep and cognitive brain function? This means that you can improve your memory, reduce stress, increase physical energy, creativity, and logical thinking by just catching some ZZZ's after lunch in the afternoon! The benefits of napping are becoming so well known that many countries across the world have it in practice. Of course, an afternoon nap, also known as a siesta, originated in Spain to provide relief to field workers from the hot afternoon sun.  However, this tradition has stuck through the times. 

However, if you live in North America and work outside of your home, it's not easy to get a nap into your day because our workdays don't allow for a siesta. Our weekends do, though. If we take the time to make it a priority - and really? Who doesn't want a little more sleep and to feel a little peppier?

How long should you nap though? Well, according to the National Sleep Foundation, as little as 20 minutes can leave you feeling better, happier and ready to take on the rest of your day!  This quick article gives a few tips on nap lengths and how to determine which is best for you!

Are you napping today?

Sailing Sundays: You can operate a 100' sailboat alone

4 crew raising the sails
4 crew raising the sails

People often ask what the biggest boat is they can operate. Well, did you know that you can actually operate a 100' sailboat by yourself - if you rig it the right way?

World-record holder François Gabart operated the 100-foot Trimaran MACIF by himself. However, it's not easy and you have to be experienced and mentally tough. Most sailors seem to stay under 35 feet.

Sailing alone is also called short-handed sailing, and you need a short-hand sailing rig. Typically this means lot's of automated systems, and all the sheets (cords and cables attached to the sails) running to your cockpit, allowing you to operate the sails while steering at the same time.

The hardest part of sailing by yourself may actually be the docking. Some marinas even offer a special service to help you with that, lending a helping hand. If you are inclined to sail alone (or don't have any friends), you should definitely consider switching to a marina that provides this service.

While Cuan Law can be sailed single handed, it's not an easy task. In fact, sailing her with a crew of seven still provides quite a good work-out. Docking Cuan Law single handed really is not an option, and this tricky maneuver requires all our crew to be on deck and helping out.

And you thought parallel parking your car was intimidating!

Terrific Crew Thursdays: Meet Cam!


Originally from New Zealand, Campbell is a Civil Engineer by trade and has crossed his skills over to the maritime world. Cam, along with Kelly, has spent the past 7 years working seasonally, biking, skiing and climbing their way around NZ, Europe, and Canada. A favourite activity was backcountry skiing in Canada and France.  Cam is our onboard engineer and is great at keeping Cuan Law running smoothly and efficiently!

Tasty Tuesdays: Healthy AND Delicious!

Yes, you can have both! Healthy food CAN look and taste GREAT. This plate is the PERFECT example!