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bvi sailing vacation

Often times, as our guests are disembarking at the end of their charter, we are bombarded with the thank you’s – the appreciation of the experience received while onboard Cuan Law and for the memories made.  But really, one of the most important thank you’s actually does not go to us, but to YOU instead.  It goes to YOU for choosing Cuan Law! It goes to YOU for trusting us to provide you with a great experience! It goes to YOU for respecting the guidelines that promote a healthy, safe and fun environment! And lastly, it goes to YOU for giving US another great experience, the opportunity to make new friends and learn and grow!

So from our Cuan Law family to Yours! Thank you so much!

Cuan Law’s Fabulous Crew

Tripadvisor Review of Cuan Law
Reviewed June 12, 2019

The Cuan Law is a PERFECT TEN for diving/family vacation. This was our family’s 8th time on the Cuan Law. It continues to be our favorite vacation because the diving is incredible, the crew is outstanding, and the food can not be beat. The crew makes the trip so special. The crew makes it a special vacation whether you dive or not. We have taken people from 22 months old to 78 years old. There is lots for everyone to do. Plenty of dives if your family is into diving, but also fun water sports (tubing, water-skies, sailing, snorkeling, beach ventures, etc.) for others. Best trip EVER! They have hammocks for relaxing, mats for laying out and tanning, crew that will make you any drink you ask for, and overall a comfortable environment for a relaxing vacation. They are completely so flexible so they allow you significant input into the schedule for the week including where you moor and where you dive. THE best service money can buy! DON’T MISS OUT – BOOK IT !!

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bvi sailing vacation

The British Virgin Islands are graced by some of the most beautiful sunsets. If you’ve got some great BVI sunset shots, please share them with us on our Facebook page.

Here are some of our favorite BVI sunsets on Cuan Law.





bvi sailing vacation

People often ask what the biggest boat is they can operate. Well, did you know that you can actually operate a 100′ sailboat by yourself – if you rig it the right way?

World-record holder François Gabart operated the 100-foot Trimaran MACIF by himself. However, it’s not easy and you have to be experienced and mentally tough. Most sailors seem to stay under 35 feet.

Sailing alone is also called short-handed sailing, and you need a short-hand sailing rig. Typically this means lot’s of automated systems, and all the sheets (cords and cables attached to the sails) running to your cockpit, allowing you to operate the sails while steering at the same time.

The hardest part of sailing by yourself may actually be the docking. Some marinas even offer a special service to help you with that, lending a helping hand. If you are inclined to sail alone (or don’t have any friends), you should definitely consider switching to a marina that provides this service.

While Cuan Law can be sailed single handed, it’s not an easy task. In fact, sailing her with a crew of seven still provides quite a good work-out. Docking Cuan Law single handed really is not an option, and this tricky maneuver requires all our crew to be on deck and helping out.

And you thought parallel parking your car was intimidating!